The links below can be used to join the active development of the SMARS code library.

Where to start

Start by cloning the Git repository and playing with the test program. Take a look at the source code, and if you want to improve the code - join the slack group.

If you have any other suggestions, such as things to add to this website, please contact me via email:


Help develop SMARS by contributing to the python code, available on our github page

Checkout the code from Github


Join the Slack Development team

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Follow SMARS on thingiverse, download the files (and don't forget to tip Kevin Thomas, the creator of SMARS), and why not remix the files or create your own add-on module. If you do - let us know and we'll add it to this site too.

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Join the SMARS Facebook Community:

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Join the Trello Team

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SMARS Website - Jeykll

Contribute to the website

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