Build Instructions | Wiring the PCA9865 board to servos and Raspberry Pi Zero


Wiring the Servos to the PCA9685 board

Connect the servos using the diagram below as a guide. The PCA9685 has 16 ports for connecting to servos, the Quad only uses 8 of these.

The table below shows the wiring for each limb, leg and foot:

Servo # Side Front / Back Type
0 Left Front Leg
1 Left Front Foot
2 Left Back Leg
3 Left Back Foot
4 Right Back Leg
5 Right Back Foot
6 Right Front Leg
7 Right Front Foot


Wiring to PCA9685 to Raspberry Pi Zero

Next, the PCA9685 board needs to be wired to the Raspberry Pi Zero. There are 5 pins that we need to connect:

PCA9685 Pin Description To Raspberry Pi Pin
GND Ground 6
SCL Sync Clock 5
SDA Sync Data 3
VCC 5v Voltage 4
V+ 5v 2

Please note the power supplied from the Raspberry Pi Zero to the Servos may not be suffient - you may need to attach a larger power supply (battery) to the Power + and GND at the top of the PCA9864 board.


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