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Raspberry Pi Pico


Raspberry Pi have launched a new Microcontroller called the Pico - its similar to the Arduino Nano, ESP, Trinket and other tiny boards, BUT it is ridiculously cheap (less than $4 / £4) and it is very powerful. It also has some pretty interesting features - lets talk about it in this weeks show and how we can use this in our Robotics projects, and why we might choose this over other boards.

Raspberry Pi Pico and Range Finder


Learn how to use the HC-SR04 Range Finder with the Raspberry Pi Pico using MicroPython. In this video I will show you how to use the range finder with the Pico, how to drop the voltage down from 5v to 3.3 so that it works with the Pico.

Raspberry Pi Pico, OpenCat and MicroPython


Do you want to build an OpenCat with the new Raspberry Pi Pico using MicroPython to bring it to life? Then watch this video. In this Pico-OpenCat-MicroPython series we will Model the Robot in MicroPython classes to provide basic motion, and later complex behaviours, Implement inverse kinematics, Implement smoother Motion transitions, include Ease-in, Ease-Out, Easy-Ease Self Balancing code to keep the robot upright (MPU6050), Create code to self right the robot if it goes upside down, Upgrade the servos from SG90s to MG90s

Raspberry Pi Pico, OpenCat and MicroPython Servo Easing


Raspberry Pi Pico, OpenCat and MicroPython; Servo Easing. Want to know how to give your servos really smooth motion when transitioning between two angles, then watch this video. I guide you through the different types of easing algorithms (there are a few) and show you some real world examples in MicroPython code running on an actual Raspberry Pi Pico.

Raspberry Pi 4 & VS Code


Raspberry Pi 4 & VS Code. Raspberry Pi have announced that Microsoft Visual Studio code is now available for the Raspberry Pi 4. This is a big deal as VS code comes with loads of advanced features including o Source code control with integration with GitHub o Markdown rending o Marketplace for installing extensions o Multiple language support o Support for iPython and Jupyter notebooks It’s also completely free.

PicoCat & Fusion 360


PicoCat is based on OpenCat, and we want to create some custom parts to use with the Raspberry Pi Pico, so in this video we'll recreate OpenCat from scratch in Fusion 360

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