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You’ve probably landed here from Instagram or Social Media - My Name is Kevin McAleer and I create YouTube vidoes about Robots. Click here to view my YouTube Channel - and don’t forget to subscribe!.


I also run a small website called where I publish tutorials, Fusion 360 design guides, information about electronic components, code and even a store to purchase your own parts from.


You can follow me on Instagram where I post pictures of robot things I’m working on, most days - @kevinmcaleer or @smarsfan


I repost a lot of the Instagram and YouTube content to Twitter as well - you can follow me via @kevsmac or @smarsfan


I’m pretty active on Facebook in a number of groups including: The SMARS Community Group - I moderate this group The Small Robots Group - I own this group

You can also follow me on Facebook -


You an contact me via my gmail account: Kevin McAleer


I use Restream to broadcast my content to multiple channels including Twitch:


TikTok isn’t just girls dancing - there is lots of Robot related stuff too, follow me at: TikTok