Wheeled Build Instructions


Build Instructions for standard SMARS

1 Print the Parts

Download the build files from thingiverse. Click here for the latest version:

There are a couple of basic parts to build your SMARS:

3D Printed Parts

It makes sense to print the parts in roughtly the order you are going to construct it in:

  1. The chassis
  2. The powered wheels x2
  3. The unpowered wheels x2
  4. The mechanical tracks x32
  5. The holding board (for the 9v battery)
  6. The range finder holder
  7. The range finder cover


You will also need:

  • some wire (preferably black and red)
  • some solder
  • some flux to make the solder adhere properly.


Tools required are:

  • a 3d printer
  • filament
  • a soldering iron

3D Printer settings

  • The printer can be comfortably set to 50% infill
  • Use different coloured filament to give your SMARS some style