Some fun things to try with your SMARS robot.

SMARS Colour Sheet

Grab the SMARS Colour Sheet to try different colour mixes before you print. Its also fun to colour in (but stay in the lines!).

SMARS Colour Sheet file

Line Follow

Line Follwing

Grab the line following parts and 3d print them, and then add the IR module. The code to follow a line is also available from: /learn/parts/linefollow

Obstacle avoidance

If you have the range finder and a Range Finder HC-SR07 module, you can make the SMARS avoid obstacles; grab the code here: Lesson 03 Sensors


If you build two or more SMARS you can create a race cource and see which finishes the course first, if you have added the bluetooth module you can remotely control the SMARS and race them against your opponent.


Check out the new lessons, aimed at beginners new to programming, building coding skills alongside robot engineering skills.


SMARS Lab - A simple web app for playing with SMARS Robots. Click here for installation instructions.