Big Personality, Tiny Robot

Learn how to print your own SMARS Mini, download the parts, and get the electronics today


What is SMARS Mini

SMARS Mini is smaller version of the original SMARS Robot. It is 1/10 the size of the original, barely wide enough to house the two N20 Motors.

Tiny Electronics

SMARS Mini is so small it needs to have special, tiny electronics, to fit in the chassis. These include the VL53L0X Time of Flight sensor, that uses a tiny laser to sense objecst up to two meters away. These are just as cheap as the original sensor but much, much smaller.

Time of Flight sensor

The Mini also uses a small L298N Motor driver board to control the N20 servos.

Motor Driver

The brains of the SMARS Mini is a Pimoroni Tiny2040, which uses the same RP2040 chip as the Raspberry Pi Pico. Infact this chip has more flash storage than the Pico - coming in at 8Mb of flash storage.

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