SMARS Mini Electronics

Tiny Electronics for a large amounts of fun

SMARS Mini is so small it needs to have special, tiny electronics, to fit in the chassis.

VL53L0X - Time of Flight Sensor

These include the VL53L0X Time of Flight sensor, that uses a tiny laser to sense objecst up to two meters away. These are just as cheap as the original sensor but much, much smaller.

Time of Flight sensor

L298N - Motor driver board

The Mini also uses a small L298N Motor driver board to control the N20 servos.

Motor Driver

Pimoroni Tiny2040

The brains of the SMARS Mini is a Pimoroni Tiny2040, which uses the same RP2040 chip as the Raspberry Pi Pico. Infact this chip has more flash storage than the Pico - coming in at 8Mb of flash storage.

N20 Motors

SMARS Mini uses the same N20 motors found in the original SMARS.