A Busy Week

12 October 2018 | Kevin McAleer

Its been a busy week this week:

Current Development

I’m currently printing a standard, caterpillar tracked SMARS, I started with the walking Quad SMARS and I’m happy with how this turned out. I’m powering the Quad with a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, however my 3d printer isn’t great at printing really small parts so the raspberry pi holder tray doesn’t work great for me - it always splits when I insert the pi. I’m going to design my own tray for the Pi to sit in, and then provide power via the rechargeable 18650s.

Next Steps

I’m going to continue developing the code library, focusing more on the Arduino code for both the Quad and standard SMARS robots. I’m also thinking of creating some code for the Microbit, as these are great and I have a couple lying about.