The Shape of things to come

4 November 2018 | Kevin McAleer

I’ve heard two exciting new developments this week on the SMARS front:

V4 of the SMARS design

This week Kevin Thomas shared a sneak-peak of the new version 4 design of SMARS via the Facebook SMARS Community Group. As you can see from the image, it features a new wheel design, a cool green glowing light and a new top cover.


Cris Kevin Bjørndal shared a prototype sketch with me for a flying SMARS. I’ve not much more to share on this one yet, as soon as I hear more I’ll post another update.

Website updates

I’ve made a couple of minor updates to the website; it now features a carousel on the homepage to highlight some of the more interesting areas of the site. I’m also working on more Arduino code - I’ll be adding this soon, too.