Range Finder Design

SMARS Range Finder design

What the step by step livestream video of how to create the Range Finder Cover and Range Finder Holder on YouTube.


The Range Finder is made of just a few sketch profiles:

The Range Finder Holder

The Range Finder Holder is made up of one main sketch profile:

Range Finder Holder sketch Profile

This profile is also available as a PDF.

Holder Dimensions


Dimension Value
Length 50mm
Roundness 2.5mm
Height 17.5mm
Thickness 2.2mm
Case_thin 2mm
Triangle_height 2.5mm
Triangle_width 1.5mm
Case_Width 46.3mm
Hook 3.5mm
Gap 2.5mm
Gap_from_edge 4.3mm
holder_height 10.5mm

Extrude Holder

Once the sketch profile has been created, it is extruded up.


  • Holder_height = 10.5mm

Extrude Holder

The Range Finder Cover

The Range Finder Cover is made up of just two profile sketches.

Range Finder Cover

This profile is also available as a PDF

Cover Dimensions

Cover Dimensions

Create Sketch

The first is made on what will become the front of the cover.

Cover Sketch

Extrude the front profile

Now extrude the front profile by the case thickness (16mm).


  • case_thickness = 16mm

Extrude Cover

Offset plane

Next, create an offset plane from the front face, and offset it by 4mm. This will create the depth of the case, and allow the cutout sketch to be created.


  • offset = -4mm

Offset Plane

Create Inner Sketch

Using the offset plane created in the previous step, create a new sketch and draw a rectangle. The rectangle is constrained by the 3.1mm offset from the edge of the cover body. This will create the area where the Range Finder board will be housed.


  • offset from edge = 3.1mm

Offset Plane

Extrude-Cut inner profile

Now using the profile created in the previous step, extrude-cut the profile to the back face. This will cut out the area where the sensor will be housed.


  • extrude-cut depth to back face (12mm)

Offset Plane

Create Standoff Sketch

Using the new inner surface, create a sketch. We will create a single circule with a diameter of 5mm. This will be used to create the standoff pole that ensure the board is the correct distance from the front of the cover.


  • standoff_diameter = 5mm

Offset Plane

Extrude Standoff

Using the profile created above, extrude the standoff pole by 8.5mm.


  • Standoff = 8.5mm

Offset Plane

Apply Fillet

Apply a 1mm fillet to the front and back faces.


  • Fillet = 1mm

Offset Plane

Assembled Cover and Holder, with a HC-SR04

Thats it!

Offset Plane